Saturday, 14 January 2017

International Crowdfunding Experiment: Day 2

Suitcase company in a budget Shanghai hotel.
The Godfather opens InDesign, updating the previous day's PDF and uploading the daily vlog.
It's approaching midnight.  The time will drag on.
Digital self-publishing is now in China!
A day's work was able to delineate the network, with an integrated example eBook and graphic organizer, into the ongoing PDF update volume.  With the daily vlog videos also uploaded to Chinese social media, the evolving trans-media demonstration now involves: two websites (Chinese and English), a centralizing blog, video-on-demand channel and two video tube sites (Chinese and English).  So too, the example eBook reveals the digital distribution to China, USA, UK, Europe (inc. France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Holland), Australia, Japan, New Zealand.  In addition, library and trade distribution through Thorpe-Bowker, Overdrive and LSI.

Day 2 [2017.1.14]

Trying to integrate a cartoon / graphic novel element into the PDF as the daily content is added.  I found during last semester's Advanced Writing course that the Chinese EFL students for the most part adored comic books, cartoons and graphic novels.  Thus, as they are familiar with the visual story-telling conventions of the medium, I sought to adapt this style to auto-ethnographic and discursive as well as narrative content.  This allows for a diary-type confessional as a more appropriate alternative to the memoir or reminiscence - which, dependent on retrospect, have limited value as ethnographic data.  Also now integrated streamed video into the PDF, so that multi-media is included in the trans-media dissemination network.
That is: is coming together well, but slowly, as befits one who was once called "running snail" (though I much prefer my new title of Godfather).  However, still only minimal views (and no responses or feedback).  However, given the longer-term intent and still uncertain future crowd-funding launch date, the blog and PDF intent is cumulative and archival.
Although it does make me feel like I'm blogging into a void, or perhaps even an abyss.
Stay tuned boppers, stay tuned.
In construction multimedia PDF from and

Day 2 [2017.1.14]

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