Friday, 20 January 2017

International Crowdfunding Experiment: Day 3

From trans-media networking to social media networking.
Establishing a presence on social media now.  Need eventually to re-name some accounts so as to be consistent, but for the moment establishing a presence in the West and in China dominates.  Most substantial at the moment is a Twitter following of some 25,000.  Likewise co-ordinating the vlogs on playlists on YouTube, Vimeo and YouKu.
Balancing social media involving China and the West is an intriguing dilemma, being hyper-conscious of different laws regarding acceptable speech. 
Lifestyle centred on the hotel room for the moment, until Saturday 21st, New Years Day in the Chinese system, when I move into my new apartment in the Songjiang University Town district.  Looking forward to it.  Most time here just wandered around locally, observing and recording the surroundings and the minor changes in certain locations - specifically the Metro station and homeless squats around it.  Decided not to tour Shanghai downtown that much as yet, until more used to the Metro system and the scale of the city.  But did manage a brief montage.
Day 3 [2017.1.19]
Around the Metro terminal area near the Jinjiang Inn, Shanghai.  About a 22RMB taxi ride from the downtown offices of EF, the company I work for, albeit in their Academic Partnerships program: yet here I pose in a homeless squat - reminds me of my Australian experience (but that, as they say, is another story for another time).
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