Monday, 26 December 2016

International Crowdfunding Experiment: Day 1

Hello.  I'm Robert. 
My students call me "the Godfather". 
I'm a stranger here myself.  Literally. 
I'm a South Australian in Shanghai, China.  I have a good new corporate job in the works, but for the moment I am flat broke (in the Aussie vernacular), resident in a budget motel on the outskirts of the Shanghai downtown area - not too many Laowai in this part of town.
I have a start-up trans-media digital publishing company registered in Adelaide, SA.  My office, however, is my notebook PC, smart phone and online network.  I am a company, a propriety limited to be exact, of one - possible under Australian business law.  Currently, my office is my present hotel room.  And I'm open for business!
I am a professional freelance English as a Foreign Language [EFL] teacher, ethnographic videographer, published author, registered digital publisher and Academic proof-reader (APA, Harvard referencing systems).  I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours [HBA] in Film/Media, a Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language [GCTESOL], a Graduate Diploma in Information Study [GDIS] and a Masters of TESOL [MTESOL] with three years continuous teaching experience at the University of Jinan [UJN], Shandong, China from 2014-16.  I specialize in Academic Writing teaching / blended learning curriculum development and begin my new corporate employment within the Academic Writing and Australia-China Student Exchange programs at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics [SUIBE]. I am currently pursuing a possible PhD or EdD by publication, finalizing my first peer review submission to SSCI. 
Although academic in focus, with a specialized training in Computer Assisted Language Learning [CALL], I am fascinated by the eBook self-publishing revolution as spearheaded with the development of Amazon Kindle.  Indeed, there is an emerging nexus of peer review and self publishing networks which maintain my devoted attention.  Anyway, I dabbled in semi-professional self and small digital publishing for several years as the revolution took hold.  My personal eBooks sold minimal copies, but it was the network that most interested me at that point, not having a marketing budget.  While the self-publishing network is well-established in the West, a comparable network does not at present exist in China to the same international Web 2.0 extent. 
However, what if the Western self-publishing network was made available to Chinese authors through a trans-media digital publishing company?  What if I opened up the self-publishing nexus to the Chinese, as a gateway inter-cultural trans-media digital publishing house?  What indeed?
Well, that's exactly what I'm now doing.
Starting today, with daily progress reports and trans-media updates prior to an international crowd-funding launch at a date to be set later.
In construction multimedia PDF from and
Day 1 [2017/1/13]